Inaugural Procession

In the procession, visiting scholars and delegates from other universities, along with members of the Yale faculty, will accompany the new President to meet the University’s trustees, the Fellows of the Yale Corporation. The procession will begin at Yale Law School during the playing of the Yale Memorial Carillon in Harkness Tower by the Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs at 1:45 pm.

Led by the procession marshal and the chief marshal, President Salovey will be followed by members of the faculty. They will be followed by the delegates of other universities and colleges in order of their date of founding.

At Cross Campus, the procession will meet the Officers, Fellows, former Fellows, and former Officers, who will have started from Woodbridge Hall. Members of the procession will carry three symbols of presidential authority: the Charter, the Seal of the University, and the Keys.

The Charter, formally an Act for Liberty to Erect a Collegiate School, was passed “by the Governor in Council & Representatives of his Majesties Colony of Connecticut in General Court Assembled, New Haven Oct. 9, 1701,” providing for the instruction of young men “for Publick employment both in Church & Civil State.” The Seal is an engraved disk bearing the familiar device first authorized in 1722. The third symbol of authority, four Keys, are keys to Connecticut Hall, oldest building on the Yale campus, 1752; Dwight Chapel, 1842; Sterling Memorial Library, signifying that Yale was founded with a gift of books; and the gateway at the base of Harkness Tower.

With Senior Fellow of the Yale Corporation Margaret H. Marshall accompanying the President, the procession, led by the Yale Band, will continue through the Noah Porter Gateway, down Elm Street, and along College Street to Woolsey Hall. In the hall, the delegates of universities, colleges, educational associations, and learned societies and members of the faculty will take seats in the front section of the floor, while others in the procession move to the platform.

In the exercises, the Senior Fellow of the Yale Corporation will induct the new President with the presentation of the symbols and the President’s Collar. The President will be seated in the chair of Abraham Pierson, first Rector, 1701–1707.